Standing on socks

Standing on socks

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It’s sad, but the calf muscles are usually paid the least attention. We work out the press, thighs, buttocks, but completely forget about the lower part of our legs. And in vain! Tight and developed calves look just great, especially if their owner likes heels and skirts to the knees. To train the gastrocnemius muscles, an exercise is excellent for lifting on standing socks, which we will discuss in this article.



Benefits of exercise and contraindications

This exercise is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. It can be performed with equal efficiency both in the gym and at home. Benefits from the lessons will be as follows:

  1. developed and strong gastrocnemius muscles;
  2. a fit appearance of calves;
  3. increased volume of leg muscles;
  4. visual lift of the middle of the shin, which makes the ankle more delineated;
  5. a beautiful proportion of legs: a slender bottom, a narrowing of the gap between the legs;
  6. prevention of injuries Achilles tendon.

To accelerate the process of shaping the beautiful calf muscles, you can alternate with a jump on the rope with jumps on the rope.

It will not do without contraindications – we should proceed with caution when training:

  1. varicose veins – in this case you need to get a permit and a detailed consultation of a specialist;
  2. injuries Achilles tendon or ankle – here it is important to stretch in front of the main element and its implementation without weights.


stretching exercise for calf muscles


What muscles work?

In the process of the exercise, all the muscles of the lower leg work, including:

  • gastrocnemius muscle;
  • soleus muscle;
  • achilles tendon.

The load can be shifted to one side or the other by modifying the element. Here the emphasis is on the position of the feet.

  1. Heels already have socks – the emphasis is on the medial head of the calf muscles.
  2. Heels wider than socks – the lateral head is turned on.
  3. With parallel feet, the load on the eggs will be distributed evenly.

Types of exercises and techniques for their implementation

You can carry out lifting on standing socks using different equipment. Three techniques are most well known: with a barbell, with dumbbells and in a simulator. Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

Standing up with a barbell

One of the heaviest variations of the execution of the element, so it is recommended to perform it first in the complex. In the process of training we give a load not only to the muscles of the shin, but also to the stabilizers of the hull.

The consistency and technique of carrying out lifting on socks with a bar is as follows:

  1. We take the bar with a straight grip and raise it so that we are getting ready for the deadlift.
  2. We check that the feet are in a stable position on the width of the shoulders.
  3. Trying not to lose balance, slowly rise to the toes.
  4. We return to the starting position.
  5. We execute the element the necessary number of times.


standing up with a barbell


Standing up with dumbbells

This element will be lighter than the previous one, not only because of its lighter weight, but also because it is much easier to maintain balance when climbing socks.

The technique of performing a lifting on the toes while standing with dumbbells consists in the following nuances:

  1. we occupy the starting position – feet shoulder width apart, arms with dumbbells are lowered along the sides of the body;
  2. we carry out the necessary number of lifts on socks.

The element can be modified, giving a load on one leg or the other. To do this, we lift the sock first with one foot, and then the second. Also, to increase the load, you can stand on a small podium so that part of the foot and heel hang from it.


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Ascent to the toes in the standing

Exercise on the shin can be done in different simulators, represented, for example, by a gak machine or a simulator. There are simulators that allow the element to be tilted, which is much easier than in the vertical position.

Plus, the simulator is that there is a fixation of the body and the load is removed from the muscles of the stabilizers. In the end, the emphasis is on the shin.


standing up with dumbbells


Step-by-step technique of performing lifting on socks in a standing machine will look like this:

  1. We approach the simulator, set the desired weight on it and adjust the height position in accordance with its growth.
  2. The toes of the feet are placed on the platform, the knees should be slightly bent.
  3. We place the shoulders under the soft supports of the simulator.
  4. We lower our heels below the platform, thus stretching the calves.
  5. On exhalation we lift the heels, unbending the ankle. We rise up at the limit of opportunity, lingering at the end point for a few seconds.
  6. We return the heels below the platform.
  7. Do the desired number of repetitions.

How to make the exercise more effective: 10 tips

For the training to bring the maximum benefit, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. The range of movements should be complete, and the movements themselves controlled.
  2. Watch the position of the back and legs throughout the exercise.
  3. Lifting up should be made to the maximum possible point with a delay in it for a few seconds
  4. At the starting point, it is necessary to lower the heel as low as possible, stretching the calves.
  5. Do not feel sorry for yourself: choose the maximum weight and number of repetitions.
  6. To avoid injuries with large weights, use a weightlifting belt.
  7. Avoid performing the item for back pain.
  8. Do not forget about breathing: when lifting – breathing in, lowering – exhalation.
  9. Perform an element at least 15-20 times in three approaches.
  10. Do not forget about pre-heating the muscles before performing the element.


Exercise lifting on standing socks is very effective for pumping gastrocnemius muscles. And adding to this training is also a set of exercises for lifting on the toes sitting, where the main emphasis is on the soleus muscle, you can make the lower legs beautiful even more quickly.