romanian deadlift

Romanian Deadlift – A Great Strength Exercise

Rdl Workout Features:

The main muscle groups: Hips
Additional muscle groups: Back
For whom: For all categories of athletes
When to do: After a classic deadlift

Romanian deadlift is an excellent exercise for developing strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination of your biceps in the hips, buttocks and back.

Dead or Romanian cravings

Another reason to pay attention to deadlift on straight legs is the development of her back muscles, which are required when performing many exercises and daily activities.

Rdls Execution Technique

  1. Take the barbell with a direct grip at shoulder level and lower your hands to your hips. Bend your back, turn your shoulders and bend your knees slightly. This is the starting position.
  2. As you inhale, lower the bar, putting your pelvis back. How to do one hand push up? Keep the bar as close to your feet as possible, it should almost slide over them. The head is looking forward all this time, the back is bent, the shoulders are straightened. When done correctly, you will feel a stretch in the back of your thigh when you lower the bar below the knee.
  3. As you exhale, return to the starting position with the pelvis forward. The vulture is exactly the same along the legs. To maintain tension in your muscles, get up a little bit to the end.
  4. Perform the required number of times.

Rdl Exercise Muscles Worked

Romanian deadlift is a basic exercise. Its main tasks include working out the biceps of the thigh (the muscles on the back of the leg between the buttocks and knees) and the muscles of the lower back. The back basically helps you keep your torso and shoulders straight. The buttocks act as assisting muscles when lifting, and the calf muscles serve to maintain balance.

Romanian Deadlift Variations – Rdl

  • With a well-established technique, you can use dumbles for women instead of a barbell, in which case there will be a greater emphasis on the gluteal muscles. However, such deadlift on straight legs increases the risk of injury due to a possible uneven load distribution.
  • Romanian deadlift setting of the legs also affects the emphasis of the load: the closer the setting of the legs, the greater the load on the buttocks and less on the biceps of the thigh, and vice versa.

Dumbbell Rdl Tips

  • It is important to maintain the position of the head. Looking ahead will help you keep your back and shoulders in the correct position.
  • Most likely, you still have to bend your knees slightly. This is due to the fact that the flexibility of many people does not allow doing these exercises in the right amplitude, keeping the deflection in the back. Do not worry about this – the curved back in this rowing boat exercise is more important than the fully straight legs. In addition, straightening the leg to block in the knee joint increases the risk of injury.

Other Names For Romanian Deadlift

  • Rdl
  • Straight leg pull