How correctly to do attacks with a bar

How correctly to do attacks with a bar?

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Beautiful slender legs, pumped hips, tight buttocks – this is the dream of many men and women, for the sake of which they are ready to resort to various tricks. Wraps, massages, sit-ups, bicycling are popular ways to achieve slim lower body and puff up the buttocks. The result from them is weak and it takes a long time to mock them with such methods. The most effective exercise for training the muscles of the buttocks and legs are attacks with a barbell.



What muscles work

Beginners who started to practice this exercise or are just going to get acquainted with it, are asked by the question “I make attacks with the barbell. What muscles work with this? “. This question can be answered simply – hands, feet, press and buttocks. In fact, in attacks with additional weight, not all muscles of these parts of the body are involved, depending on the exercise variant, the load on the body changes.

An exercise What muscles are involved
Falls in place
  • Large and medium gluteal
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Muscles of the press and back
  • Biceps and deltoid
With stand
With a barbell on the chest
  • Large and medium gluteal
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Muscles of the press and back
  • Biceps and deltoid
  • Muscles of inner thighs
  • Anterior and posterior calf muscles
In the Smith
  • Large and medium gluteal
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings

We did not write in the exercise “in Smith” muscles of the arms and bark, because the bar is fixed and the load on them is much less. The main load here goes to the legs and buttocks. In addition, most of these options can be done with the help of attacks with dumbbells.

Very useful will be attacks with a barbell for girls. Since during the exercise the muscles of the press, lower back, buttocks and thighs are actively working, the circulation in the pelvic region increases. And this area is very important for women. Applying side attacks, they can pull up the inner side of the thighs, which is difficult to work out in the remaining exercises. Making attacks in the movement, walking, girls can quickly burn fat in the problem areas of the lower body.


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Separately, we want to draw your attention to the weight, the number of repetitions and approaches to each leg for beginners depending on the athlete’s sex of his goals:

Floor Normal load Load in the Smith Number of repetitions Approaches
Man 15-20 kg 20-30 kg up to 15 3-4
Woman, pumping muscle 8-12 kg 10-15 kg up to 15 3-4
Woman, for weight loss up to 10 kg Not Applicable 20 at least 3-4

Falls with a barbell on the shoulders for men are almost the main exercise in the gym. While women are trying to lose weight with the help of simulators and pump up the buttocks, men are more focused on their limbs, work hard at the hands and feet, especially the hips. Various attacks are part of the mandatory part of the training of bodybuilders and various heavyweight athletes.


gluteal muscles exercise


Benefit and harm from training

Falls with the bar bring a lot of athletes. We offer you a list of the advantages of such an exercise:

  • better coordination of movements and balance;
  • development of leg strength;
  • pumping the muscles of the legs and buttocks;
  • the study of all groups of leg muscles, even hard to reach;
  • increase the effectiveness in other leg strength exercises;
  • development of flexibility and mobility of hip joints;
  • the study of all gluteal muscles;
  • increase in the volume of the main muscles of the thighs, calves;
  • strengthening the muscles of the back, the press;
  • pumping muscles of the hands and neck;
  • training endurance, concentration and balance;
  • relaxation of the clench of the spine;
  • increased circulation in the pelvic region;
  • improvement of the internal organs.


attacks with a bar


Falls with a barbell for men and women can cause serious harm to health if improperly performed. To avoid this, it is necessary to work with the optimal weight, increase it gradually and adhere to the technique of doing the exercise.


Lungs with heaviness heavily burden the muscles of the legs, tendons and knee joints. In the presence of injuries or problems with them, it is recommended to refrain from such exercises or to replace them with more sparing for the joints.


To the risk group, to whom contraindications are contraindicated, the following indicators also apply:

  • phlebeurysm;
  • hypertension;
  • chronic back problems;
  • hernia;
  • recently transferred operations;
  • heart disease;
  • pregnancy;
  • different neuralgia.

Technique of execution

Athletes who first encounter this exercise are often puzzled “how to properly attack the barbell, so that it will be useful and not cripple?”. There is nothing complicated and supernatural in this. First of all, the following is required of a person:

  • to be able to make attacks;
  • keep balance in the exercise;
  • do not confuse the working leg that is standing all the way ahead, with the supporting foot that is located behind and stands on the toe or on the side of the foot;
  • keep your head straight and look straight ahead;
  • work with extra weight and do not sag from it.

If these requirements are achievable for you, you can make attacks with a barbell, the technique and requirements to which are fairly simple.


The most important thing in performing the exercise – being in an upright position, rising, you inhale, dropping – exhale.


buttocks exercise


Varieties of exercise

Basic attacks

The technique of performing attacks with a barbell on the example of the basic exercise of attacks with a barbell on the shoulders is as follows.

  1. On the bar, you need to hang the optimal weight for you.
  2. With two hands lift the bar and place it on the back in the upper part of the blades.
  3. Become in the rack – hands holding the bar, legs slightly wider than the width of the shoulders, the back is even.
  4. Working foot take a step forward and go down. The knee of the working leg does not go beyond the foot and shows a right angle between the thigh and the shin. Support leg is on the fingers, the knee “hangs” over the floor.
  5. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  6.  Straining the muscles of the working leg, strengthening the rest on the heel, push off from the floor and return to the vertical position. So comes the return to the starting position.
  7. You can “step” by changing your foot each time, or performing several repetitions for each leg, changing them.

People who consider the attacks on the spot with the barbell as a boring and monotonous exercise are mistaken. With this shell there are several variations of training:

  • with additional stand
  • dynamic
  • reverse
  • side attacks
  • with a barbell on the chest
  • the attacks with the bar in the Smith simulator

With additional stand

If, during the exercise, the working leg is put on a small hill (step-platform, bench), the gluteal muscles will be more actively involved. If the support leg is located on the stand, the muscles of the legs, the working leg, will be better developed. Depending on which zone you want to work on, select the width of the step. To pump the buttocks, the step should be large, for the legs – small, the distance between the legs is not more than 15 cm.

Dynamic attacks

Dynamic or walking exercises are used by athletes most often for weight loss. How to make such attacks with the bar? Do the first part of the basic movement – take a step and go down. With the push of the working leg, you rise to the vertical position. At this time, make a step with the supporting leg and drop onto it. You can train on the spot, making one foot steps forward, the other – back, or walk this way around the hall.

Back attacks

Reverse attack with the bar is considered a more difficult variation of this exercise. The difficulty lies in the step back, lowering down with the projectile on the shoulders and holding the balance. Many people have a psychological fear of the unknown. To take a step without seeing where, for them is complexity. The attacks with the barbell back help such people to fight their phobias.

Side attacks

The name “side attacks” speaks for itself. In this exercise, the step is toward the working foot: the right one to the right, the left to the left. The supporting leg in this exercise should be on the inside of the foot, the sneaker. It is necessary to watch your knees and keep your back straight.

With a barbell on the chest

Exercise with the barbell on the chest differs from the usual attacks by placing the projectile. In this variant, it is held with both hands at the level of the clavicles. Otherwise, this exercise is performed according to the usual scheme.

Falls in the Smith

Falls with a barbell in the Smith often practiced exercise in gyms, which reduces the burden on the muscles of the bark. In addition, this exercise has its own characteristics. How to make attacks with the bar in this simulator?

  • The bar is located in the grooves of the simulator at shoulder level.
  • Become under the bar, hold it with both hands, remove from the racks.
  • Put your foot back on your toes – take a step.
  • Begin to go down and rise, as in the basic exercise, holding the neck with both hands.
  • After completing the required number of times, change your legs.
  • Do a few repetitions for each leg.
  • After completing the exercise, climb.
  • The bar is carefully placed back on the racks of the simulator.


quadriceps exercise


Common Mistakes

In pursuit of a beautiful figure, inflated buttocks and elastic legs, athletes often perform the exercises incorrectly, which as a result does not give the desired effect and is fraught with trauma. We bring to your attention the typical mistakes during the performance of the attack with the barbell.

  1. The correct location of the knees. The knee of the working leg, which took a step, does not protrude beyond the foot and with the thigh must be a right angle. The knee of the supporting leg does not touch the floor, it must hang over it.
  2.  Correct leg rack. Do not put your feet too close or very wide. A familiar pose, legs slightly wider than the width of the shoulders is the most optimal and suitable for attacks with the barbell.
  3. Flat back. Bends in the bent form is difficult to do. Stiffening aggravates stoop. Additional weighting in the form of a bar increases the risk of injury during the exercise.
  4. Loose neck. The bar is placed in the upper part of the blades, not on the neck. Cervical vertebrae can not withstand such a large weight. Violation of this rule threatens, at least, stretching the muscles of the neck.
  5. Proper warming up of muscles. Working with a lot of weight, you have to do warm-up and do it in every possible way to tone muscles and ligaments.
  6. The heel is the point of emphasis for lifting the body. Lifting is carried out by pushing the heel of the working leg from the floor. In every way, to bend or pull yourself into a vertical position, straining the muscles of the buttocks, it is not necessary – you have weight on your shoulders and such maneuvers are dangerous to health.
  7. Ability to keep balance. It is necessary to learn to keep balance without additional loads before performing attacks with the barbell. If you will be shaken, having additional weight on your shoulders, the risk of injury increases, and a ban on employment with this projectile appears.

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