Exercises with dumbbells for women

Exercise list with dumbbells for women

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There seems to be no more viable stereotype than a belief in the incompatibility of women and strength training. In the quest for a slender figure, many women try a diet for a diet, but they deny themselves work with weights. The fear of becoming like Schwarzenegger is still strong. But exercises with dumbbells for women – a very effective tool for weight loss, not creating a risk of pumping.

Catching up with extra weight, you get a feminine figure and a whole series of nice bonuses. Further details about the benefits of dumbbells.

In order to have a beautiful fit figure, you do not need to visit expensive fitness clubs and hire professional fitness instructors, for this it is quite enough to have a couple of dumbbells at home and the desire to perform exercises with dumbbells for girls



Benefits of exercising with dumbbells

The benefits of dumbbell exercises for women are obvious and varied. Consider some of the most important aspects of the impact of working with this sports equipment on the female body.

Rapid weight loss and attractive figure

Diet and aerobics are a classic combination. In the minds of the masses, the idea of ​​the advantage of aerobic exercises over exercises with weights was firmly entrenched. It is generally accepted that fat in this case burns faster. In fact, the opposite is true – when exercising with extra weight, you will spend less time losing extra pounds.

 Directly training with weights has little effect on fat burning. In this dumbbell aerobics are not competitors.

Strength exercises with dumbbells accelerate metabolism, trigger the mechanism of metabolism. The effect can last up to two days. All this time the body gets rid of fat at an accelerated pace.


But this is not the most important thing. Doing weight, women do not just lose weight, but grow thin. Exercises with dumbbells for women for weight loss allow you to find an attractive feminine silhouette. In all cases, to achieve the result you have to work – even while sitting on a diet, even while doing aerobics, even though training with dumbbells. But the latter contribute to the appearance of sexual bends – podkachannyh buttocks, thin waist, rounded shoulders.

With the same weight, a woman with muscle, toned, looks more compact than a thin woman. The fact is that 1 kg of fat is approximately 20% larger than 1 kg of muscle. The best bunch for weight loss – diet and exercise with dumbbells. One strengthens the other. And on the physical level, and on the mental.


dumbbell exercises


Health promotion

Dumbbells help to deal with heart problems. Both in a literal and figurative sense. Worse than a psychologist can cope with mental wounds – training temper the character and lead to the release of hormones of happiness. In this state, experiencing problems on a personal front is much easier.

Exercises with dumbbells stimulate the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system. In this some training complexes with weights are quite capable of competing with aerobic exercises. For example, circular dumbbell exercises significantly increase the pulse, which leads to strengthening of the heart.

Exercise with weight lower blood pressure. As a result, the risk of a heart attack is reduced by 15%, and the probability of a stroke is reduced by 40%. In addition, the body receives more reliable protection against many other diseases. Life expectancy increases.

There are benefits from dumbbells for the skeleton. Over time, bone tissue becomes more fragile. Training with weights leads to an increase in the blood of osteocalcin – bone protein. As a result, the strength of bones increases.

Psychological health is no less important than physical. Above we mentioned hormones of happiness – endorphins. Strength training leads to the release of these substances, which are extremely useful for emotional life. Other things being equal, women who regularly exercise with extra weight are more positive than those who work with weights with disregard. Well, stress resistance is a more colorful, more prolonged, and more productive life.

Save time

Some women are well aware of how useful strength training is. But with all understanding, they can not find a place in the busy schedule for regular sports activities. In this situation, dumbbells will help – exercises at home for women do not require a lot of time or a lot of space.

It is difficult to imagine more compact sports equipment than dumbbells. At the same time, they are able to literally perform miracles with a female figure. The compactness of dumbbells and the lack of the need to run to the gym do not leave any room for excuses.


Dumbbells are an outlet for those women who can not afford to visit the gym for financial reasons. And for those who are complex about their figure.


Other people’s views for shy girls can be a serious obstacle to the goal. Classic shells solve at once a heap of objective and far-fetched problems.


dumbbell exercises for women


Recommendations for training with dumbbells

Training with dumbbells make a woman more attractive, more positive and more healthy. And yet – more intelligent. The use for intelligence is noticeable to any “power” athlete and without any research. But they, studies, are – according to them, after six months of training a person becomes capable of higher concentration, better absorbs and remembers information. And for an intelligent woman all roads are open.

The benefits are a lot, but to get it you need to go to training in the information armory. A few recommendations to women who decided to engage in dumbbells:

  • for weight loss, enough shells weighing up to 1-2 kg; for a small growth of muscles and achievement of the relief of the musculature, an inventory of weight is required – up to 5 kg; of course, weight depends on what muscle group is trained; You can buy several options for dumbbells or projectiles with a controlled load;
  • for weight reduction it is necessary to do 20-25 repetitions for 1 approach; for the opposite effect it is necessary to perform exercises in a low repetition mode – up to 10 repetitions per set;
  • it is not necessary to train daily; the result can be obtained by doing 3-4 times a week; If you do not need sports achievements, you do not need to force the body too often and intensively;
  • the duration of one lesson is within 45 minutes; Beginners need to start from 15-20 minutes, gradually increasing the interval and / or load;
  • to observe a diet or not, your business; Of course, it is necessary to limit the consumption of fats, but following any program is not necessary; at the same time faster results come to those women who combine training with a literate diet;
  • it is necessary to study very well the technique of exercises with dumbbells; incorrect execution will cause harm.

Below, we will examine the main, most effective exercises with dumbbells for women for different muscle groups. In the end, we give an example of one of the possible training programs.

Exercises for the back

Exercises with dumbbells for women’s back will help improve posture, make the “back” muscles of the upper part more taut and strong.


exercises for women with dumbbells



A classic exercise that is used to develop strength and functionality in many sports. It will help women to become more “figurative”. The deadlift develops not only the back, but also other muscle groups. Most of all, besides the back, the legs with the buttocks are loaded.

Technique of execution:

  • the starting position (IP) – the feet are slightly narrower than the shoulders, dumbbells in the lowered hands;
  • keeping your back straight, bend your knees, while leaning forward to an angle of about 45 degrees; It is necessary to bend down to the position in which dumbbells touch the floor;
  • After a second pause, go back to the IP.

Deadlift on straight legs

Exercise can be considered a subvariant of the previous one, and an independent option. The difference between this exercise is that the legs remain straight. To protect the knee joints, the legs in the knees should be slightly bent, but in general the technique of implementation is reflected in the name of the exercise.

The difference is that the back bends stronger – to the parallel of the floor. Hands also remain straight throughout the whole approach. In this variant, the ham and hamstrings’ biceps are well loaded, so that the pull on the straight legs can be safely attributed to the category of “leg” exercises.

Draft of dumbbells in slope

Exercise is aimed at developing the widest back muscles (“wings”).

Technique of execution:

  • IP – slightly sit down, leaning forward with the body and keeping your hands down; the starting position resembles the final one in the deadlift;
  • Without straightening, bring your hands with shells to the trunk; try to minimize the involvement of the hands – they must keep the inventory, but the traction load must be placed on the widest; in this very well helps the mental concentration – feeling the muscles of the back, it is much easier to pull correctly;
  • lower your hands.

Thrust of one dumbbell in support

A similar exercise, performed alternately by the right and left hand.


  • IP – lean on a bench or chair with your arm and knee; The back is parallel to the bench or is located at a slight angle to it; the free leg is slightly bent, and the hand from the dumbbells is lowered down;
  • keeping the body stationary, pull the projectile to the body; it is still necessary to pull the broadest;
  • return the hand to the IP.

Exercises for the chest

Exercises for the breast with dumbbells for women will not help to increase breasts. Mammary glands are not muscles. But weight training will help to adjust the shape of the pectorals, make them fit and beautiful.


dumbbells for women


Press of dumbbells

This is the classic, the most popular exercise for the development of pectoral muscles.

Scheme of implementation:

  • IP – lying on a bench, legs rest on the floor, hands with shells completely straightened and are over their heads; grip straight;
  • lower your arms, bending them in the elbows – in this position the elbows are divorced to the sides, and the shoulders are parallel to the floor;
  • squeeze his hands up to the FE.

Press – on exhalation, lowering – on inhalation. If training takes place at home and there is no bench, you can reap lying on the floor. This is less effective, because you can not raise your hands to the required amplitude. But still it’s much better than ignoring the traditional press.

Bench press on an incline bench

Develops the upper zone of pectoral muscles. If there is no bench at home, it is difficult to find a home safe analogue.

The execution scheme is similar. Changing the position of the body, and hands and feet are located and move the same way. The body should be approximately at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the floor. The smaller angle is designed for the middle part of the chest – this is the “parafia” of the horizontal bench press. A larger angle contributes to the load concentration on the deltas.


Exercises with dumbbells for women almost certainly have to include a pullover. This exercise develops muscles and stretches the chest. If the volume of the latter is not enough, the pullover will help to correct the situation. But it is effective in this regard for young girls, and then, if the burden is serious enough.

A small weight of dumbbells and a solid age ladies will not allow the chest to expand. But the outline of the breasts with the help of a pullover is not bad to be corrected. Exercise is good because it can easily be performed at home.


  • IP – lying on a bench or chair; if on the bench, then only the head hangs, and if on the chair, both the head and the pelvis hang (only the back rests); Direct arms with dumbbells – above the head;
  • slowly lower the arms slightly bent at the elbows until they form one line with the body;
  • exhaling, return your hands to the IP.

Exercises for the abs

Exercises with dumbbells for the press for women are better performed already prepared athletes. Beginners should work with their own weight. Aggravation in this case is the possibility or the need to increase the load on the muscles. If in many other cases, additional weight is a prerequisite, then here is more bonus.


exercises for the abs


Straight twists

Technique of execution:

  • IP – lying on the back, legs bent – or on the floor, or thrown on a bench / chair; hands with dumbbells in front of him;
  • with the efforts of the abdominal muscles, bring the body as close as possible to the legs; in the final phase it is necessary to linger for 1-2 seconds;
  • go back, keeping constant tension in the muscles of the press.

This and similar exercises for the abdomen with dumbbells for women are aimed at developing the upper zone of the press. Although the division is largely conditional, and the press under load still develops comprehensively.

Slopes aside

The slopes develop the oblique muscles of the press.


  • IP – legs on the width of the shoulders, one hand from the dumbbells is lowered down, the other is pressed to the body;
  • tilt towards the “empty” hand;
  • return back.

Here, for a qualitative study of the musculature, you need more weight. As an option – much increase the number of repetitions, up to 50-100.

Exercises for hands and shoulders

Exercises for hands with dumbbells for women include exercises for the biceps, triceps and deltas.


exercises for hands and shoulders


Bending of hands

Calculated for training biceps.


  • IP – standing or sitting, arms with dumbbells are lowered downwards by the palms to the body;
  • Raise your right hand to your shoulder, turning your palms to yourself;
  • lower your right hand and do the same with your left hand.

Retraction of hands back at elbows

Calculated for the development of triceps.

Technique of the exercise:

  • PI – almost similar to PI for traction of dumbbells in slope (for back); lean on a bench or chair with your knee and hand; The back is parallel to the bench or is located at a slight angle to it; the free leg is slightly bent; the hand from the dumbbells is pressed to the body, the shoulder parallel to the floor, the palm with the weight “looks” down;
  • Do not tear your shoulder from the body, straighten your arm at the elbow;
  • return the hand to the IP.

Makhi aside

Exercises for the shoulders with dumbbells for women are represented by presses and mahas. Consider one of the variants of the mahovas, which is aimed at the development of the average beam of deltoid muscles.

Technique of execution:

  • IP – legs on the width of the shoulders (you can perform and sitting), arms with dumbbells are lowered along the body;
  • Raise your hands to the sides, while twisting your wrist so that to the peak point of climb the little fingers “looked” upwards; the final phase – palms just above the shoulders;
  • return your hands to the IP.

Exercises for legs and buttocks

One of you already know – deadlift on straight legs. In addition, in the training complex must be included a couple more.


exercises for legs and buttocks


Squats with dumbbells

Basic, one of the most important exercises, developing quadriceps and hamstrings, plus buttock muscles.

Scheme of the movement:

  • IP – feet on the width of the shoulders, hands with dumbbells in front of the shoulders, palms to the face;
  • sit deeply, almost touching the buttocks of the floor;
  • return to the IP.

The back is straight. It is recommended to look up in the lifting phase – this adjusts the technique.

Dumbbells with dumbbells

Technique of the exercise is as follows:

  • IP – feet on the width of the shoulders, hands with inventory lowered down;
  • with your right foot take a step forward so that the thigh is parallel to the floor, and the left leg – stretched back, slightly bent at the knee;
  • return to the FE;
  • do the same with the other leg.

These exercises for legs with dumbbells for women are more than enough to make the legs and buttocks tightened, elastic and attractive.


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Training program for women with weights

There are thousands of programs. We offer an approximate set of exercises with dumbbells for women. To train it is necessary on a split-scheme – alternating loading on various groups of muscles. Do it 3 times a week.

Training number 1

The following training program will allow you to swing your legs, back and press.

An exercise The scheme
Squats 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions
Dumbbells with dumbbells 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions
Deadlift on straight legs 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions
Thrust dumbbell in slope 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions
Twisting on the press 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions (you can have no weight)

Training number 2

This exercise option will help to bring the chest, arms, shoulders, and press into shape.

An exercise The scheme
Bench press 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions
Makhi aside 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions
Bending of hands 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions
Hand recoil in the elbows 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions
Slopes aside 3 sets of 20-30 repetitions (and more if the weight is light)

The number of approaches and repetitions can and should be changed, depending on the goals and physical capabilities. Periodically you need to change and exercise. Before training, warm-up is mandatory, and after – a hitch.