Exercises for weight loss

Exercises for weight loss

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Weight loss is a pretty complicated thing, no matter who says it. After all, in order to lose excess pounds of fat, while not losing muscle, and most importantly – do no harm to your health. Exercises for weight loss play an important role, but not the first role in achieving results.

How to lose weight?

First of all you need to forget about any mono-diets or magic exercises that will lead to an ideal figure. Mono-diets, despite their effectiveness, burn not only adipose tissue, but also kill muscles and the gastrointestinal tract. Magic exercises on the contrary – it’s just a marketing move that parasitizes the desire to “do nothing and get results.”

There are many ways to attain the fastest weight loss exercise. Therefore, having set a goal, to throw off the maximum amount of excess mass, it is necessary to remember three main things:

  • Calorie counting. Proteins / fats / carbohydrates, the correct 5 meals a day, and most importantly creating an energy deficit (eat less than spend);
  • A healthy 8 hour sleep in the absence of stress. Otherwise, the body starts an “energy-saving regime”, and instead of losing weight, the health is undermined;
  • Exercises. A competent combination of aerobic and anaerobic complexes is the mechanism that triggers the fat burning process. Individuals may avoid anaerobic knowing that it is hard. However, by rehearsing straightforward anaerobic activities, you can reap the benefits of this powerful weight exercises for weight loss.

And most importantly remember – to lose weight and at the same time to keep the elasticity of the skin and muscles is impossible, so all the complexes for weight loss are divided into micro-stages, the alternation of which leads to the desired result.

exercises for weight loss

Cardio is our all

So, before you start to consider any sets of exercises for weight loss, consider the main principle of losing weight. To the body began to burn excess fat cells, it needs maximum stress, which is achieved due to a long load, or due to a jump in the dynamics.

The first is achieved through prolonged debilitating cardio workouts. The second, due to the same cardio, but with a sharp change in the loads. Let’s consider in practice.

Exercises for rapid weight loss are:

  • Run;
  • Walking;
  • A bike;
  • Roller skating;
  • Skates;
  • Elliptical trainers.

Why these exercises? It’s very simple, only with them you can disperse your heart to an acceptable speed.

Note: Aerobic exercise is the least dangerous to health compared to others. This means that squats, push-ups, and other complexes can maintain the desired pulse, but the load on the body will be much higher, which is fraught with the appearance of injuries, increased wear of ligaments and joints.

How to calculate the pulse for weight loss?

Weight loss previously described ways has its limitations. First of all, this calculation of the pulse and the time of training.

How to calculate the optimal pulse? Everything is very simple. First, you need to calculate the maximum allowable pulse for the duration of the workout. To do this, from 220 you need to take your age.

After this, the optimum range for fat burning is calculated. It is in the range between 65 and 75% of the maximum allowed.

Note: unfortunately, it is impossible to calculate the pulse during the exercises independently. Therefore, before losing weight, you will need to invest in a good heart rate monitor.

Counting the time of training

When the optimal pulse is calculated – you need to choose the optimal training time. Here everything is somewhat more complicated. First you need to calculate your weight and measure the percentage of fat. After that, determine the net weight. Why all this is necessary? Let’s figure it out.

In the absence of exercise, the body consumes about 2 kilocalories per hour per kilogram of pure body (excluding adipose tissue). For example, for 70 kilograms of weight – it’s 140 kilocalories. To lose weight, you need to subtract from the daily intake of calories, which go to maintain life rhythms.

After that, you need to make a general energy deficit of 15-20% of all consumption. It’s easier to explain by example.

Suppose there is a person of 70 kilograms of weight. With food, he consumes about 3000 kilocalories. He has 10 kilograms of fat tissue. So, to maintain performance, it takes about 2,800 kcal. To effectively lose weight, you need to create a deficit in an additional 600-800 kilocalories per day. Then the total consumption will be 3000 – and the consumption is 3400-3600.

how to lose weight

With the correct cardiovascular load, a person is able to burn up to 8 kilocalories per hour per kilogram of the body. So, to start effective weight loss – cardio should be about 2 hours. With this approach, the total deficit of kilocalories per month is 18,000 kilocalories, which is approximately equal to 2 kilograms of adipose tissue.

To speed up the process, you need to increase the cardio, or reduce the total calorie intake, and also use interval training to burn fat.

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Complex of exercises for home

Considering weight loss as a complex, you need to remember that the body must alternate periods of catabolism (destruction of fat and protein tissue), and anabolism (tightening muscles and skin).

Therefore, weight loss exercises, although technically and do not allow you to get rid of excess fat, are necessary for proper weight loss. In addition, purely technically during intensified anaerobic exercises, the body also loses calories, though not with such intensity as during cardio.

To effectively bring your body in order, it is enough to run and perform a set of home exercises, including:

To viably acquire your body request, it is sufficient to run and perform a set of weight loss exercises at home including:

  • Air squats;
  • Narrow squats;
  • Impairment;
  • Walk farmer;
  • Pushups. Sometimes in a simplified form;
  • Exercises to maintain the back muscles.

It’s very normal that we frequently get confused in deciding the best exercises to lose weight fast at home techniques that will work for us. The full set of exercises for weight loss, described below, will help increase the percentage of muscle tissue and bring the body into tone, which will increase the passive intake of kilocalories to 3 kcal per kilogram of body, and therefore help get rid of excess fat much faster.


The first exercise to reduce weight at home, which should take note of everyone – it’s squats. Despite the widespread opinions, squats there is a huge variety, including:

  • Sporting deep squats;
  • Classical homework squats;
  • Squats with weighting;
  • Squats with a wide setting of the legs;
  • Feet together.

General recommendations

Regardless of which squats you have chosen, you need to remember some features of squats that significantly reduce the trauma of this exercise to reduce body weight:

  • Do not sit down until it stops. The maximum angle is slightly more than 90 degrees;
  • Keep your back straight in the “bend”, this will reduce the burden on the back.
  • To shift the load from the hips to the legs, use a wooden bar.
  • Keep an even pace and breathing.

Which ones to choose?

Squatting is primarily a multi-functional basic exercise, so it all depends on what the goal is. If you need the maximum load on the whole body, then sporting deep squats will do. To get elastic buttocks, you need to spread your legs wider (about 2 times wider than your shoulders). To obtain power gain and improve self-awareness – the option with the legs together.

In view of its complexity, the exercise will suit both beginners and those who have long and stubbornly struggled with surpluses of adipose tissue in the body.

How much to do?

To achieve the optimal result, you need to go to the 5-way exercise mode of the exercise. The ideal option is 5 approaches 20 times. If, for some reason, this figure is unattainable, an intermediate option can be 3 approaches 12 times.

The falls and walks of the farmer

Next on the list are the attacks and walks of the farmer. These are equivalent exercises. And if the attacks are suitable for beginners, then the farmer’s walk is the ideal solution for those who want to accelerate the processes of catabolism, while maintaining a general level of anabolism in the body.

An exercise What does technology give?
Impacts This is the simplest exercise. It is necessary to expose one leg as much as possible forward, after which it is as deep as possible to sit down, maximally stretching the muscles. After 5-6 times, change foot. In total, you need to do about 50 attacks on each leg. If this load seems to be inadequate, try to make attacks immediately after squats, during breaks between approaches.
Walking Farmer In fact, these are the same attacks, only with additional weight on the shoulders. To do this, do not need a bar, enough 2-eggplants with water, or packages with books. In extreme cases, a bag with products from the store is suitable.

The chosen cargo, it is necessary to put on the shoulders, after which again make attacks. Enough for 3-4 lashes on each leg. In total it is necessary to make 3-5 approaches. If the load allows, the number of attacks can be increased to 10-12 times.

The farmer’s walk perfectly develops and tightens the hamstring, besides this is the first exercise in a squeak that increases the power of the back, and therefore no longer will need to follow the posture. The formed muscular corset will support the back in a perfectly flat position always.


Warm up

An active warm-up with a heart rate monitor can replace up to 15 minutes of cardio. In addition, it is necessary in order to reduce trauma from subsequent exercises.

How to choose the right weight loss exercises at home that are ideal for warming up?

  1. Rotations of the head in different directions – perform approximately in the 1st minute;
  2. Rotating the head clockwise, and then counter-clockwise – 30-40 movements in each direction;
  3. The rotation of the shoulders “butterfly” – 30 movements clockwise, and as much against;
  4. Rotation in the elbow joint – similar to the previous exercise;
  5. The rotation of the brushes is all the same;
  6. The slopes of the body back and forth, left and right – 20 times in each direction;
  7. Pelvic rotation – 2-3 minutes;

The warm-up of the knee joints and feet is similar to the elbow and wrist.

In addition, it will be useful to add to the complex exercises for weight loss and stretching. It will help develop an additional amplitude during the approaches, which will increase the load more evenly, and as a result will contribute to the results in the set goals.

To warm up the maximum benefit, check yourself on the heart rate monitor – Throughout the process, he should show a mark of 70% of the maximum allowable heart rate. In this case, you can save time on cardiovascular work, in addition, neglected catabolism and the process of lipid incineration increase during the performance of anaerobic complexes.

Push ups

Not the least role in obtaining an ideal sports figure is played by such exercises as push-ups.

This is a basic multi-joint exercise that develops the shoulder girdle. It is necessary for everyone, regardless of the goals set, since it helps to avoid the effect of flabby arms and the sagging breasts.

push ups

What are they?

Push-ups, like squats, are different. In general, the setting of arms and legs differs, which shifts the load on these or other parts of the body:

  • Classic push-ups – the most even distribution of the load.
  • Grasshopper – muscles of the press and triceps;
  • Wide setting of hands – displacement of the load on the pectoral muscles;
  • Legs bent at the knees, will suit those who can not yet master full-fledged push-ups.

How to perform correctly?

Regardless of the type chosen, there are a few basic recommendations on how to properly press.

  1. The back should be as flat as possible, without bends or bends;
  2. It is necessary to touch the breast of the floor;
  3. Unbending to the end of the elbows can only be in simplified variations;
  4. Keep the legs in one position;
  5. When lowering, inhale, on exhale exhale.

In no case can you hold your breath, even if it is very difficult, since this is fraught with an excessive increase in internal pressure, which can lead to dizziness and fainting in an unprepared organism.

How much to do?

As with squats, the optimal number is 5 approaches 5 times. If the load seems too light, it’s enough to increase the tempo. Start better with 3 approaches 10 times at a pace from 1 push-up in 3 seconds.

First you need to increase the number of approaches, then repeat, and only then work on the tempo.

To achieve the maximum load will take about 2-3 months, with the effect will be overwhelming.

Exercises in the hall

When you need an urgent and, most importantly, a quality result, home exercises go to the side. Since the load in the complex is much less. In addition, homework may be violated because of:

  • Wrong time coordination. There is always something to do;
  • Classes at different times;
  • Fighting against yourself. Today, do 5 less sit-ups, skip training tomorrow;
  • Inability to concentrate.

In addition, in the fitness club there is always an instructor who can make a more effective program, will follow the technique of implementation. Well, and, of course, we must not forget about the most important factor – the “toad”. Having paid for classes in a special circle, I do not want to miss them anymore, because they cost real money.

Important: There will not be a description of the ideal technique for doing the exercises in this section, since you will not be able to identify errors without an instructor and supervision. Remember, it’s better to work out with a trainer once to fix the ideal technique than to suffer from injuries after a wrong understanding of how one or another complex is being performed.

Pulling flabbiness

When choosing the optimal set of exercises for weight reduction in the gym should be guided by the same principles as for home classes:

  • 15-20 minutes warm-up. To improve the result, you can wear weighting agents, weighing not more than 1LB (0.45 kg);
  • 45-60 minutes of cardio. The ideal option will be an ellipse, or an exercise bike, the main thing to remember about the pulse;
  • A complex of anaerobic physical exercises for weight loss.

In this anaerobic stage should be only 40-50 minutes of time, it is not necessary to spend hours and days in the hall, it will not be as effective as a short but intensive training. The choice of exercises in the hall differs radically from home, as well as the number of repetitions. In particular, the training regimen can change. In the first month there is a “circular training”. For it, only basic exercises (presses, thrusts, squats) and 1-2 supporting (isolating complexes) are used, while the whole body is worked out for 1 workout.

Note: in the first month you do not need to chase after the result, as its goal is not to promote weight loss, but to prepare the body for more serious stresses. Do not rush, since the second month, the result will not keep you waiting.

Then there is a workout in split mode. When 1-2 muscle groups are studied for 1 time, for maximum efficiency. Split runs for 3 months, then, depending on the results and goals, you need to coordinate the further program with the instructor.

best exercises for weight loss

Upper Shoulder Belt

Exercises for weight loss in the upper upper body area include several main exercises:

  • Press the dumbbells on the bench in the slope;
  • Press the rod on the bench in a slope;
  • Dumbbell formation in slope;
  • Butterfly;
  • Extensions in the simulator;
  • French bench press.

It seems that all these exercises fit exclusively the male sex. However, this is fundamentally wrong, the difference in technique for men and women is no different. The only difference is the number of repetitions and weight.

If men try to take 50% of the maximum possible weight (per time), and execute it in 3 * 12 mode, then for women it is enough to take 25-30% of the maximum weight, and work with it. For comparison, if a man will work with a barbell weighing 70-100 kilograms, then for a woman only 25-30 kilograms of weight is enough to achieve the result. Naturally, not all these exercises need to be done for training. In one workout (circular or split) you need to use one exercise from the first three, and one of the second half.

The ideal solution will be a standard scheme, to which we aspire, – 5 approaches 20 times. If this figure is unattainable, reduce the weight, or reduce the number of approaches to 1. When the exercise with the selected weight is done through chur easily, you can increase the weight by 1 step (for bars and dumbbells 0.5 kg, for simulators per 1 block – 5 kg).

As for the back, here for weight loss the amount of exercise is limited to three main ones:

  • Thrust of vertical block;
  • Thrust of horizontal block;
  • Rowing simulator.

You can start with a minimum weight, each month building up one block.

Press, cor and loins

More important in the process of losing weight are the muscles that are responsible for the waist. Therefore, the press and the cores need additional loading. For the press, twisting in a Roman chair is ideal. No more than 15 times per approach. If this load seems too light, you can add one 5LB pancake. To work out the oblique muscles, fit fitness mat, on which you can perform a variety of twisting cross-wise.

To work out the bark, the ideal solution will be the famous bar. About the technique of this exercise has been said many times. If in short, then you need to take an emphasis lying down, maximize your back, but at the same time keep not at the expense of the hands, but at the expense of elbows. Static as much as possible.

Another option may be a vacuum, which after a few days of active use will allow you to quickly and permanently draw in your belly, which visually makes you slimmer by a few pounds.

vacuum exercise

For the waist in the hall conditions, hyperextension will be the ideal solution. For her in every fitness center there is a special machine. The technique is extremely simple. Leaning over with your legs, you need to bend down, and at the same time szhatulitsya maximum. During lifting, expand the shoulders and back. Perform smoothly until the effect of fullness in the waist.

Legs, thighs, buttocks

If we consider it without prejudice, then different types of squats are the most effective exercises for weight loss. Squats with a fitness stick, or with a bar without pancakes – will fully work out the hips, legs and buttocks.

In addition to squats, you can add attacks with a flat back. If you want to focus, then in each gym there are special simulators that allow you to work:

  • Hamstrings;
  • The inside of the foot;
  • Gluteus muscles;
  • Quadriceps.

As for the number of times, everything is standard 5 * 20, with a gradual increase in the working weight, until the desired result is obtained.

Alternative workouts

In addition to the classical approach with combining aerobic and anaerobic complexes, there are “magic” raspiarennye exercises that can help you lose weight in 1 day. Their effectiveness remains highly doubtful, but if we consider them as an addition to the main program, it is quite possible that they will accelerate the desired result.

Exercises borings

Burpy is a multi-joint basic training, which came from a crossfit. It should immediately be stipulated that, within the framework of a full set of classes, it is very effective, which can not be said for its solo performance.

In fact, many people have known him since the lessons of physical education at school. The classic approach combines the virtues of aerobics and anaerobic exercises. In fact, this is a mini complex. It looks like this:

  • A deep squat, with the support of a flat back;
  • Sharp transition (jump) to the classic lying (hands in a narrow setting);
  • Push-up;
  • Return to the squat;
  • Jumping out.

And so on a circle. For an unprepared organism, such a load can be excessive. Therefore, at first you can reduce the speed of execution. The load, as in the case of cardio, is determined with the help of a heart rate monitor. 65-75% of the maximum.

The technique of losing weight from Marina Korpan

Marina Corpan’s exercises for weight reduction are an example of a great PR, and good advertising. They include the control of breathing and statics. Combine them with extreme mono diets. So, the main result is achieved at the expense of the food itself – and, following the advertisement from Maria Korpan herself, her complex helps to make the impossible “burn fat locally.”

To use this complex is highly not recommended, instead it is better to use the classic “vacuum”, which will give a more significant result with less problems for health.

And most importantly, you need to remember that Marina Corpan’s exercises are ineffective without an extreme diet. This is a raspiarenny version for the lazy.

weight loss


Squats – this is the newfangled name of classic deep squats, made without additional load. The technique of execution is extremely simple:

  • Spread your legs to the width of your shoulders;
  • Surrender as deep as possible, with the heels “glued” to the floor;
  • Keep your back in a trough;
  • Slowly rise.

The technique is almost identical to squats with a bar / fitness stick, the only difference is the pace, and not so strict adherence to technique, since in the absence of additional weight, trauma danger decreases.

The result

Losing weight is always a complex of different measures, which includes:

  • Correction of the diet;
  • Sleep adjustment;
  • Accurate calculation of incoming and outgoing calories;
  • The correct approach to training.

At the heart of any weight loss is the cardio load with heart rate control. Anaerobic exercises at home / in the hall, help to keep muscles in tone, and with the right combination of stages (a week with aerobic, a week without), will allow you to build up a few elastic muscles in those zones that are most required for the figure.

Remember that whatever åxercises for weight loss you choose, without a coordinated method, weight loss will be moderate or, on the other hand, risky. Also, classes with overwhelming iron won’t make you “Schwarzenegger.”

And finally, one little thing. Remember that a kilogram of muscle – in volume is 5 times less than a kilogram of fat tissue, which means that if you have begun to seriously transform your own figure, the first months you need to look not in the balance, but in the mirror.

Often, “phytony”, which all the time arise in the public of social networks, weigh much more than 60 kilograms, but they have an ideal figure without excess fat.

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  1. I have been busy these past weeks without realizing I gained weight. Is working out 30 minutes a day enough to lose weight?

    1. 30 minutes can be effective of losing weight. According to the researchers, only half an hour of day by day exercise was in the same class as or superior to an hour of everyday practice for modestly overweight men.

    1. Exercise while disregarding your diet simply is anything but a decent weight loss system. To lose weight, you have to consume a bigger number of calories than you expend or eat fewer calories than your body utilizes everyday.

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