Exercises for hands

Exercises for hands: an effective complex for women

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Every woman dreams of beautiful tightened elastic arms. We are not talking about the volume relief, which is observed in men, but about ridding the muscles of friability, lethargy, excessive roundness. This is reflected in the preparation of the training complex, which is aimed at emphasizing the relief and bringing the muscles to a general tone, and not at the growth of muscle mass. What exercises for hands for women should be considered the most effective? Do I need sports equipment, or should I do without it? What is the preparatory work before the workout? – We put the answers to these questions in a capacious article.

Preliminary stage of training

It is easy to build muscles for a couple of months at home, even if girls and women do not have expensive sports equipment. It is also not very necessary to visit the training room in order to achieve the goal. It is only important to understand that strength training can bring not only benefit, but also harm. To avoid injury, overloading and excessive fatigue, even at home it is necessary to perform a warm-up.


hand weight exercises for women


To prepare the muscles for the upcoming load, it is necessary to carry out a set of exercises for warming up and strengthening the joints. These include:

  1. Rotational motion
  • Hands (in different directions; elbow and shoulders immobile),
  • The elbow joint (arms are separated to the sides, rotation occurs to oneself and from oneself, forearms are motionless),
  • Arms in the area of ​​the shoulder joint (forward-backward, simultaneously or one by one, rotation in the opposite way).
  1. Jumping over the rope (exercise to strengthen the joints, increase the elasticity of the ligaments).
  2. Rotation brush with a load.

Warm up the muscles and joints takes about 10-15 minutes. When performing a complex of rotational exercises, do 20-30 repetitions with each hand. On the rope it is enough to jump for 3-5 minutes, and the rotation with the load to perform, when there is a serious training with the shells.

Girls will be able to pump up the beautiful muscles of the biceps and triceps, if they work with loads. These are the special equipment (dumbbells) and its own weight.

Useful biceps exercises

Shells are classified according to a number of attributes, the key of which is weight. Girls as representatives of the weaker sex enough dumbbells from 0.5 to 1.5 kg. Further details are considered popular exercises with projectiles, which are included in most of the training complexes for the arm muscles:

  1. Bending the arms while standing.

Feet – shoulder-width apart, hands with projectiles descend to the bottom, slightly bent at the elbow joint, pressed to the body. Simultaneously or alternately dumbbells rise to the shoulders. The hand rotates so that the little fingers are located at a level above the thumbs. The extension of the limbs is performed on inspiration. The number of repetitions is 15–20 times.

  1. Bending the arms while lying.

This strength work within the framework of the complex will allow at home to evenly pump up two muscles – biceps and triceps. You need to lie on any horizontal long surface of a small width, pick up dumbbells and lower them as low as possible to the floor. The limbs go along the body, wrists are turned to it. On the exhale, weight lifting in the hands occurs only due to the movement of the elbow joint, the shoulders are immobile. The wrists unfold upwards. Inhale to take the starting position.


hand strengthening exercises


Training with triceps dumbbells

One of the muscles that is hardest to pump a woman is triceps. This area of ​​the body has an unpleasant feature – it accumulates excess fat entering the body. For this reason, exercises for the triceps for women must complement the training complex. At home, here again will help irreplaceable companion – dumbbell.

Classical exercises for strength work at home:

  1. The extension of the arms behind the head in a standing position.

Legs are placed shoulder width apart. The load is selected on the basis of the possibilities – it is permissible to lift one dumbbell with two hands, if it is heavy enough, or to supply each hand with a separate projectile. Raising the weighting agent, take him by the head. At an acute angle, bend the elbows, press them to the head, the brushes are turned to the back. On the exhale, the extension is carried out, on the inhale – return to the original position. This work on triceps is performed 15–20 times.

  1. Breeding hands to the side.

Effective training, which at home will help the girls to pump the most complex muscle. It is necessary to stand up straight; hands with weights should be lowered on the sides of the body. Exhalation – simultaneous dilution of the limbs to the sides is carried out, while inhalation – return to the starting position. Exercise is not easy, the muscles get tired, so it’s enough to restrict 10-15 repetitions.

  1. Lunges forward on one leg.

The starting position is the same as in most exercises, only dumbbells should be pulled to the chest. At the expense of “one” make a lunge on the left foot, throwing forward the right hand with a load, at the expense of “two” – to take the starting position. Repeat for left hand. Run each side for 10-15 repetitions.

There are triceps exercises for women, allowing you to pump up the muscles of the arms without dumbbells. For those who for some reason do not have shells at home, it is recommended training complex without additional equipment.

Weight Training

In order to pump up your arms to perfect condition and not use dumbbells at the same time, the girls rather regularly perform only two exercises – vertical push-ups and pull-ups on the crossbar.

To perform the first, you need two chairs or another stable surface. Lean two hands on the support behind his back, put his feet on the front of the same height. Taz slightly ahead of the rear support and canopy. Hands gently bend, while the body sags down. If it is difficult to do the exercise with the legs straightened, it is allowed to bend the knees. Run from 10 to 20 repetitions.


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Pull-ups are an exercise for advanced women. As a rule, it is difficult to perform it without starting training. However, lifting the torso with a wide, narrow, medium grip is very effective for biceps and triceps, and it needs to be included in the complex of exercises. If girls have the opportunity to pull up at home, you need to use it.

Basic training set

Beginners recommended a set of 4-5 exercises for the muscles, for example:

  • standing limb flexion
  • extension for the head,
  • push-ups with back support
  • spreading hands to the sides
  • lunges forward with dumbbells.

The number of approaches – from 2 to 3, repetitions of each exercise – 15–20. To pump up the muscles of the forearms, biceps and triceps, it is enough to give the workout 3 days a week, and the exercise should take 30-40 minutes.

After strength training at home, a hitch is required. It is needed to bring muscles in tone, release from the feeling of “downtrodden.” Ideal zaminochnye exercises – circular movements of the hands, jumping rope (if not previously conducted training legs).

Two hours a week is an insignificant contribution that will help the girls to pump up their beautiful arm muscles without leaving their homes. Following the above advice and the correct implementation of the program – the key to success and gaining a slender, taut, attractive body.