Diamond Push Ups

Diamond push-ups: Features, How-To, & Variations

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One of the most popular and varied exercises is push-ups. They do not require any special equipment, they can be performed in any conditions. Want to work out the middle of the chest – do push-ups with a wide setting of the arms. And if you need to load your hands, or one hand pushup.

Diamond Push Ups Muscle Atlas

Row boat exercise belongs to the class of compound and has as its goal the study of triceps. The muscle ensemble includes the following units:

  • Targeted – triceps muscle of the shoulder;
  • synergists – large pectoral (sternal head), large pectoral (clavicular head); front delta;
  • dynamic stabilizers – short biceps head;
  • stabilizers – rectus and oblique muscles of the abdomen, quadriceps.

A complete muscle atlas is as follows:

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Diamond Pushups Benefits

Carrying out the exercise of diamond push-ups, you have the right to count on obtaining the following benefits:

  • increase in muscle mass of the hands;
  • development of the pectoral muscles;
  • strengthening the front delta;
  • increase triceps strength;
  • development of core muscle strength;
  • improved results in bench press movements.

Diamond Push Up Execution Technique

Diamond push-ups refers to medium difficulty exercises. A step-by-step execution technique is as follows:

Step number 0

Lie on the floor. Place your outstretched arms under your chest so that the tips of your index and thumb fingers together form a diamond (or triangle) shape. Spread your legs apart or put them together. Statically strain the press. Look forward. This is your starting position.

Step # 1

As you inhale, begin to bend your arms at the elbow joints and lower yourself down. Lightly touch the chest of your hands and on the exhale, due to the efforts of the triceps, push yourself up in the starting position. Hold for 1-2 counts at the top of the trajectory and repeat the set number of times.

Close Grip Push Ups Variations

In addition to the standard version of diamond push-ups, there are several variations of the exercise:

  • from the knees;
  • at an angle up / down;
  • from the wall.

Diamond Push Ups Secrets And Tips

To get the most out of your exercise, follow these guidelines:

  • throughout the movement, keep your elbows close to the body (angle of about 45 degrees) and do not move them apart;
  • for better stability, spread your legs apart – wider than shoulder width;
  • keep your wrists strictly under your elbows and arms under your chest;
  • at the top of the trajectory, stay for 1-2 counts and only then come back down;
  • if you are a girl, then start with a variation from the knees and, as you progress, move on to the classic position of the legs;
  • breathing technique: inhale – when lowering, exhale – when rising;
  • numerical training parameters: the number of sets / reps – 3 / 15-20.

With the theoretical side finished, now let’s look at some practical points.


Diamond push-ups – an effective exercise for triceps

Numerous studies on the electrical activity of muscles in triceps exercises and, in particular, the American Council on Exercise (USA, 2017) showed the following data on EMG of the long head of the triceps of the shoulder muscles. Here they are:

  • diamond push-ups – 100%;
  • push-ups on the uneven bars – 86%;
  • extension of arms with a dumbbells for women behind the head – 81%;
  • bench press with a narrow grip – 65%.

Thus, diamond push-ups are the best exercise for triceps. And if you want to progress in your hands, then it is he who should be included in your training under the first number.

What is the difference between triangle push ups and classic push-ups?

These are similar, but at the same time different exercises. They differ in the setting of the hands: in diamonds they fold in the shape of a triangle/diamond, and in narrow spaces, the distance between the hands varies from “no” to “less than the width of the shoulders”. In their programs, it makes sense to combine and practice different variations of push-ups. You can also use a superset of them. Actually, with the fancy part of the note finished, move on to …

Why you should do diamond push-ups

Oddly enough, diamond push-ups with their systematic practice will help you in exiting by force, especially with a narrow grip. The position of the palms during the Australian pull-ups makes the triceps work almost the same as when exiting by force. Of course, this only applies to the moment when your body is higher above the bar. To learn how to make an exit by force, you can combine this exercise with high pull-ups, over time it will give a result.

Lift your feet higher, put your feet on the wall or keep them in the air. Regular push-ups mainly work on triceps, chest, back, shoulders and abs. You can make a variation that works more on the triceps, chest, back, shoulders, abs or forearms, with less emphasis on other muscles. Changing the position of the arms and legs changes the distribution of weight. Think of it as weight transfer.

If you start doing push-ups with difficult options, then you will not stay the same size. You will look and feel different. If you want large arms to remember to train your biceps, push the muscles on the opposite side of the biceps. Stretch the muscles on the opposite side of your biceps. Stretching is useful for producing biceps and other muscles in the upper body that do not work enough with push-ups. You should also do some cardiovascular surgery to reduce fat by strengthening your legs, heart, and lungs.

Diamond Pushups Benefits

As for the muscles involved, then the load is divided between the groups here. Going from the bottom up: the bottom of the forearms, triceps and the central part of the chest. As we have said, the central place in this process is triceps.

In the end, I would not recommend this exercise to people with problematic wrists, since when doing diamond pull-ups, a big load is created on them. In such cases, you can do the usual pull-ups with a narrow grip.

People say that you need to lift heavy weights to build muscle, but you have bodyweight, you can add weight, you can use explosive power, and you can increase the load on certain muscles, reducing the load on others. If doing a small number of repetitions is difficult, you can build muscle mass.

Access is enough to tear you apart. You can increase the volume of complex variations. To increase volume, continue to increase the difficulty of each push-up. You will work more muscles than using the bench press, but not the entire upper body. By themselves, they are only good for your triceps, shoulders, chests, abs and, to a lesser extent, your back.


Diamond push-ups is another great exercise for a strong body. If you like home workouts and various exercises with bodyweight, then you will definitely like them. Therefore, be sure to include them in your workout. Good luck!

That’s all with us. See you soon!