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Row boat exercise

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Simple training is effective and effective. A vivid example of this is the classical boat exercise for the back. Regularly performing it, you can strengthen the muscular corset, form a beautiful posture and work out the muscles of the press. In this article we will consider what this exercise is useful for. And also get acquainted with the correct technique of its implementation and varieties that will make the training interesting and feel the work of different muscle groups.

Exercise boat for the back is loved by all those people who have long been practicing its implementation. This movement should be well known to crossfit and body flex lovers. She has a few more names – superman and swallow.

She works out the main muscle groups well , giving at the same time a feeling of lightness and pleasant fatigue . Those who have just started doing it, note that the exercise is quite difficult to perform, but gives a good effect.

In fact, making it by all the rules in the initial stages is not so simple. This movement is easy for those who are in good physical shape. Those who have started practicing it recently, need to try to follow all the necessary recommendations when performing in order to quickly master it and get the desired result – a slender figure and a taut belly.



What muscles are involved?

Saddle and other disorders of posture, osteochondrosis and back pain – these complaints, unfortunately, have recently received the widest distribution, and the blame for that sedentary lifestyle, the wrong position of the body while working at the computer and, as a consequence, the weakness of the muscle corset. Compensate for all these gaps, if you regularly give time to work with your body. You can start with a single squat, gradually expanding the workouts and increasing their duration.

The boat is an effective and simple exercise that can be found in various training complexes.

Training system What is the exercise for?
Medical-improving gymnastics Formation of beautiful posture, work with curvature of the spine
Bodyflex In combination with aerobic respiration helps to work out the press (we recommend effective exercises for the press in the gym) and reduce the waist
Strength training To strengthen the muscles of the bark and progress in working with large weights

Boat or Superman is a universal exercise without age restrictions, while it has a health and restorative effect. Such an effect is achieved due to the complex work of the following muscles:

  • gluteal;
  • flat stomach muscle;
  • long back muscles, extensor spine and square loin muscles.

Correct execution of the diamond push-ups allows you to use and include in the work, besides the superficial muscle layers, also postural ones. What does it mean? Postural muscles are located much deeper in the body, in the immediate vicinity of the spine. Their main task is to provide the body with a vertical position during the motor activity due to proper posture. The peculiarity of internal muscles is that in standard force training they are rather difficult to work out. It is the static load during the exercise that includes them in the work best.

The Benefits of boat exercise

Exercise of the boat for the back also beneficially affects different organs, systems and areas of the body. So, what is useful is the boat exercise:

  1. Provides strengthening of the muscular corset due to the formation of the correct position of the spinal column. “Adverse” effect – prevention of osteochondrosis and stoop.
  2. Exercise superman improves blood circulation not only locally in the spine, but also in all internal organs and tissues.
  3. Return mobility of the shoulder and hip joints, which are involved during the exercise, provides the production of cartilaginous tissue.
  4. Proper distribution of the load during the exercise of the boat for the back gives the muscular corset the ability to relax at rest. This is due to the restoration of the “tension-relaxation” process disturbed in the muscles of the back.
  5. Forms a beautiful posture from an aesthetic point of view, helps to straighten the back and shoulders, as well as return the internal organs anatomically correct position.
  6. Improves the digestive and cardiovascular system of the body.
  7. With regular exercise, the exercise helps to reduce the waist circumference and helps to screw the displaced umbilical cord into place.
  8. Helps to get rid of the fat layer in the lower back.
  9. Exercise of the boat is actively included in the complexes of therapeutic and health gymnastics for the spine. In this case, it is important to choose the right type of exercise and the regularity of the sessions with the treating doctor.
  10. Ensures the restoration of proper breathing.

The boat exercise for children is also suitable, since it helps to form a correct posture and relieve the load from the spine.


boat exercise


Contraindications to row boat exercise

The boat’s exercise is universal and basic. It is successfully included in various types of training programs, including health-improving programs. It is suitable for people of any age.

Who should not do the exercise? Contraindications for performing a set of exercises for the back, including the boat, are:

  • osteochondrosis and other chronic pathologies in the stage of exacerbation;
  • ARI and some time after it, high fever;
  • high pressure;
  • heart attack;
  • tachycardia and arrhythmia;
  • malignant neoplasms.

The presence of any of these diseases requires consultation with a doctor who will decide on the appropriateness of physical activity and its acceptable level.

Technique of execution

How correctly to do the exercise boat for the back so that it does not hurt? The technique of execution determines the effectiveness of training. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the nuances.

 The classic boat is performed as follows.
  1. The starting position is lying on the back with arms outstretched. Legs are brought together, socks and heels pressed against each other.
  2. We take a deep breath to the sensation of full expansion of the diaphragm. It is important to involve the stomach.
  3. Raise your legs to a height of 30-40 cm.
  4. Raise the upper part of the trunk and shoulders to the same level as the legs. The area of ​​support is the buttock zone and the sacrum.
  5. Hold your breath (at least 8 accounts), then drop to the floor and relax. The recommended number of repetitions is from 4, with a gradual increase in time in the extreme upper position.


The boat is more of a static than a strength training. Therefore, exercise should be done slowly, without jerking, paying attention to breathing and how muscles are stretched.


No less effective is the exercise reverse boat (also called hyperextension on the floor). With it, you can strengthen your back muscles and reduce the waist and hips.

  1. The starting position is lying on the stomach. Straight arms are extended forward, palms are lowered downwards. The legs are also straight, the noses are tight.
  2. We perform simultaneous lifting of the upper part of the trunk and legs to a height of about 40 cm. During extension, the abdominal and pelvic area acts as a support for the body.
  3. At the delay of breathing, we try to stretch out and stretch the body, aiming our legs and hands in opposite directions.
  4. Perform a slow exhalation and return to the starting position.


row boat exercise


Varieties of the boat

After mastering the basic technique of making a boat, you can move on to a sophisticated technique.

Boat in a storm

  • The starting position is lying on the stomach.
  • We lift the body and legs upwards, stretching, arms around our feet.
  • We swing alternately forwards and backwards, keeping balance and not falling on one’s side. On exhalation we lower hands and feet, we lay down on a stomach. We rest. We perform an exercise of at least 4 approaches.

Boat on the side

  • The starting position is lying on its side.
  • We perform lifting of the body and legs to a height of 10-15 cm from the floor (the support is the pelvic bone and lower thoracic region). At the top point, the body position should be fixed for 10-30 seconds.
  • Then return to the starting position. The exercise is performed in several approaches for one side, then turned over and repeated on the other side.

Performing a complicated option is important to pay attention to breathing. An even and calm breathing cycle is the guarantee of proper technique and health of the cardiovascular system.


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What else do you need to know about the exercise?

The recreational effect of the boat depends not only on the number of repetitions, but also on observing the following points:

  • Regularity. Daily practice in the morning helps to cheer up and create a mood for the day. Exercising after a day’s work will help relax and relieve the strain from the spine. Classes from time to time are unlikely to be effective.
  • It is best to perform the boat on an empty stomach in the morning or not earlier than two hours after eating.
  • Compliance with the technique of implementation in combination with proper breathing is the key to the efficiency of the boat.
  • It is recommended to complete each workout with a relaxing vertical crease.

Than to replace a boat?

The boat exercise for the spine is not the only exercise that allows you to strengthen the muscular corset. To form an attractive posture, to work the gluteal muscles and the press can be with the help of a whole complex of physical activity.


boat pose exercise


Exercises for the formation of posture and strengthening of the spine:

  • Pulling the body (“snake”)
  • Raising hands in the ascent (“flight”)
  • Walking on the buttocks

Exercises to strengthen the muscular corset and the press:

  • Planck
  • Reverse strip
  • Strap with lifting feet
  • Twisting
  • Alternate lowering of the foot

A strong muscular corset and, as a consequence, a beautiful posture – a pledge of an excellent physical shape. In addition to exercises in maintaining the health of the back, playing the role of performing simple but effective rules.

  • Always keep your back straight, do not forget about your posture and do not slouch.
  • During long work at the computer, do regular breaks for warm-up.
  • Bend your knees and make sure that your back is straight when lifting weights.
  • If you have to stand for a long time in one place, alternately carry the weight of the body from foot to foot in order to remove some of the load from the spine.
  • Strive for normalization of body weight.

Observe simple rules, lead an active lifestyle and include physical activity on working days. All this will help to maintain the health of the back and make the royal posture.